The history of the factory was started more than eight decades ago. In those early years in the city of Kyshtym has been manufacturing wood products. According to surviving documents, managed to establish that the product range was very large. The main business was the production of quality demanded of furniture. The furniture was manufactured until the 90-ies of XX century.

In early 2000, the factory was opened production of door mouldings. A new direction was mastered by the best specialists of the factory, which has invested in the development of their plant all their knowledge and all experience. Soon started production of interior doors consistently high quality. Currently, the company is represented on the market brand name “Dverona”.

A core value of the enterprise has always been people – the staff of the factory and its customers. The secrets of high-quality wood, the experience of the masters, passed down from generation to generation. Young professionals learn from the veterans, the length of which reaches 50 years and share with colleagues their knowledge of modern technology.

This interaction of professionals who genuinely love their work, allows the “Dverona” to continue steady development, not forgetting the traditions of the company, constantly expanding its product range, keeping such values as quality products and attentive attitude to each client.

Today, after more than 80 years since the founding of the factory, “Dverona” is known in the market for interior doors enterprise that always produces decent quality. It is the quality and relevance of the range of “Dverona” remain the main requirements of the factory products.

Secrets of success “Dverona” is simple: high qualification of the specialists, the combination of innovative technology and experience of generations, high-class imported equipment, best-in-class materials and, most importantly, a sincere love for their work, their company and to every client from all employees of “Dverona”.

The unique relationship between price and product quality “Dverona” is achieved through the principle of “Golden mean”. In the production of interior doors the company does not use cheap materials, as this may degrade the quality and longevity of products.

The company works only with trusted reliable suppliers, because in the first place is the quality of the products. Suppliers are ongoing negotiations to achieve minimum cost of materials. Thus, buying only what is really needed for the production of quality doors, “Dverona” guarantees its customers the optimal ratio of cost competitive products and high quality.

Interior doors from the factory “Dverona” demand in Russia and the CIS countries. Market professionals noted the high quality of the products of the factory, as well as careful attention to the fulfillment of contractual obligations.Indeed, the company “Dverona” always responsible for compliance with delivery deadlines, trying to make them as short as possible, flexibility and reliability when interacting with business partners.

Our buyers products company will enjoy its pristine form at least the next 15 years. Proper operation of doors increases their lifespan, so we encourage you to read the care instructions and ask to take good care of our products are made with love to You and Your home.

«Dverona» – the experience of generations on guard for comfort!

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